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DA DA Approved May 2016
Apartments 163 apartments with a mix of 1, 2, 3 & 4 bedrooms.
Funds to Raise $500,000 (min) to $5m (max)^
Minimum Investment LL UNITS: $50,000 #
Maturity Approximately 6  months.
Offer in LL Units 12% pa ^.
Security Registered Mortgage over Completed Apartments.
Structure Registered MIS under ASIC – ARSN 095-909-096
Trust Manager Quantum Funds Management Limited ACN 086 965 684, , AFSL 237621.
# Minimum for offshore investors is AU$100,000, ^ less 1% management fee, MIS is Management Investment scheme.
^ Refer to PDS.
Residential Apartments Gross Sales Exchanged EOI Remaining Sales
*Current Sales includes EOI and Exchange sales.
*Excludes any retail sales.


*Construction finance includes of a 2nd mortgage.

Repayment Investment

Note: Sales are gross sales before GST and any sale costs. All finance QMT and QReal Classes are before interest calculation. Sales of apartments revenue is used to repay construction finance first, then QMT "L" Class Units, and finally "A & I" Class Units. Current Sales includes EOI and Exchange sales. Project Surplus, includes all interest, GST and any QReal adjustments.
Disclaimer: The charts and figures used are only estimate and may change. Investors should review the Disclaimer for Parts 1 and 2 for Quantum Mortgage Trust.

Funds Raised - Project life time

Funds Required vs Funds Raised


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