Quantum Mortgage Trust Units Available
Project City Class Name Term ^ Term Remaining ^ Rate # Raised Funds Remaining Funds Security
Alston Melbourne ML Class Units 18 0 12% $0 $0 2nd Mortgage
Adelong Sydney PL Class Units 18 0 12% $0 $0 Repaid
The Linden Sydney SL Class Units 18 0 12% $0 $0 2nd Mortgage
Linton Brisbane LL Class Units 12 0 12% $0 $0 3nd Mortgage
          Total $0 $0  
^ is months to forecast completion date. This may change, refer to PDS and any project updates.
# is per annum before fees, refer to Product Declaimer Statement(PDS).

Mortgage trusts also be called “mortgage funds” or “mortgage schemes”, as they are registered with ASIC in most cases. It is an investment you can buy “units” in and is operated by a registered professional fund manager like Quantum Funds Management. A mortgage trust is a form of investment that pools money for lending to borrowers secured over a registered mortgage over Land. In return for investing money, the investors in the trust receive a income called a “distribution” from the interest paid by borrowers and bank accounts.